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A Well Engineering and Drilling Project Management Company
Our mission is to deliver safe, cost effecrive wells which meet all customer objectives
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ADA International Pty. Ltd., brings the capabilities of large operating companies to smaller Independents through it's Drilling Consortium Management services.

Within a consortium, ADA coordinates and manages the individual drilling projects for a number of junior and established Operators, with the collective goal to cost effectively secure and share a drilling rig and third party services in a constrained market. Especially for those Operators scheduling a relative short and/or remote project, the cost of securing a rig for their project exclusively can be prohibitive. Where each individual project may be uneconomic on its own or simply unable to access a suitable drilling rig and/or third party services, the combined drilling program of a consortium has a substantially larger bargaining power and more readily access to drilling units and other third party service providers. The facility to efficiently share certain costs within a consortium provides a major benefit to the members of a drilling consortium.

In addition to the specific Consortium Management services, i.e. Contract Management, Consortium Representation and Consortium Administration, both Project Management and Well Engineering are integral parts of the service ADA provides to the consortium.

From early 2007 ADA managed several multi-operator consortiums in Australia and New Zealand, using jack-ups and semi-submersibles, the leading provider of this service within the region.